1. A financial hardship letter that explains why you need to apply for a short sale; the letter needs to be signed and dated ( I will give you a sample)

2. Last 60 days of bank statements and they must be complete, meaning no online statements that do not supply the full account number and all numbered pages.

3. Last two years tax returns, full copies and they must be signed

4. Last 2 W2's - Your last two years' of W2s will disclose your salary as reported by your employer to the IRS. If you are self-employed, you will probably need to send 1099s and a profit and loss statement.

5. Last two payroll stubs - Regardless of how you are paid, whether it is monthly, weekly or bi-monthly, submit your last two payroll stubs.

6. Financial Worksheet (Will give to you)

7. 4506-T signed by all parties on the tax returns even if those individuals are not borrowers on the loan (Will give to you)

8. Homeowner?s Document Checklist - A few banks have streamlined the process for submitting a short sale package. These banks might send you their own additional documents with a bank logo

9. Third party authorization ? gives Me the authorization to discuss your mortgage with your lender (Will give to you)

Your lender may require additional forms and documents after we submitted an accepted offer. This is very normal in order to get the short sale approved.
Please feel free to e-mail me at any time with your questions regarding a short sale.

Claudia Berger-Ayer, Prudential Network Realty
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